Throughout my teaching career, I have had the opportunity to teach a broad range of courses, including the principles of macroeconomics and microeconomics, intermediate microeconomics, economic development, money and banking, international economics, and statistics.

I have been awarded two prizes for my performance as an instructor, most recently the Holahan Prize for Outstanding Teaching in 2017.


I have nine years of teaching experience in both the United States and internationally. In the past four years in the US, I have led five different classes in a variety of introductory and intermediate undergraduate courses:

My greatest passion is teaching and I am foremost an educator. I love to teach, encourage, and help others achieve and succeed.


Here are a few comments I recently received from my students:


"Amid literally changed my life. I was going through a rough time and dissatisfied with my old major and he helped spark my interest in econ with a caring attitude and exceptional teaching skill. I'm now looking into going to grad school for econ and I wouldn't have discovered this passion if not for him. He is easily the best teacher I've ever had."


"My class with Amid was by far one of my best at UWM. He is one of the few instructors that shows true compassion for his students and cares for their success. He personally pushed me to succeed inside the classroom and invited me to his fitness class where he has changed my outlook on personal health. Amid is truly a fantastic professor and person."


"Amid is the best professor I have had at UWM. He is always willing to help and responds to emails promptly (within 30 minutes in most cases). His lectures are very clear. He thoroughly covers all of the material in a way that is engaging and clear. Highly recommend taking his class."


"a teacher who actually cares about individuals and real-life problems. Very motivational and interested in his lectures and makes it interesting for the class."


"I took Amid's Econ 103 class in fall 2016 and it went very well. He was always willing to help people and answer their questions if they set up an appointment, even shortly before the exams. He used a lot of examples that were funny and also helped make microeconomic concepts easier to understand. I definitely would recommend this professor."